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Ascendance (archer clan - human)


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This isn't an overly serious project nor am I gonna be particularly sad if it fails. The ultimate goal, as always, is to have fun. Personally, I have fun when I win, which might not bode well as a clan requirement. All I expect from you is to be decent enough at the game, to be active, and to not start useless drama or complaints because of party, drop or pk issues (detailed info on this below).


Clan size will be preferably small, 16-20 players max.


VOIP INFO: https://discord.gg/0i0W4DTtnzyLFcV3 (it's a new voiceover program with browser integration, though you can download the client too).


Five General Guidelines:

1) Party arrangement:

-First come, first serve.

-If many are ready for X activity in advance then we'll look for a split if the numbers are high enough (12), if not, then random.org will solve any disputes.

-If possible, there will be 2 common party leaders (the most active or with highest positions), we'll rotate members in between parties as is seems fit.

-It's not the end of the world if one time you run with a tiny party or alone at a war or farm, just move on.


2) Drops:

-Regular drops: split with everyone in party or a clannie can choose to buy it at a discounted price if he really wants it and is active.

-If more than 1 want said item, then it can be settled in many different fun ways provided all of them are equally active to a certain degree (1v1, scarecrow dmg test, random.org, voting).

-Master items (pendants, shaula, etc): These will be put in the clan bank for the time being.

-If you get a drop in your clan party, take a screenshot always (and name it) to avoid confusion.

-If there is a random in that clan party and you're about to boss hunt or something randomly spawns, kick him ASAP. If he manages to stay somehow and doesn't ninja the drop, he still won't get a split (this is only for boss drops, farming is a-ok).


3) Boss spotting:

-You may call for help in clan, or solo it, I don't care. If you solo it, you obviously don't need to share a thing, but you might still want to sell a drop to a clannie that might need it.

-You may ask randoms or personal friends to hunt a boss with you ONLY after you tried to ask clan for help and there was no one available / online.


4) Pk parties:

-No one is forced to join pk parties.

-If someone wants to opt out and do something else, or is already doing something else, or wants to pk with his friends, its his choice and his loss.

-There will be no consequences in this regard, so it's cool to do whatever.

-Always remove random in favor of clan member, unless said clan member cannot fulfill the role that random was playing (ie: kicking a priest that we'd otherwise need to add another archer).


5) Exp and farming parties:

-Drops will be calculated in 30 minutes intervals, if you leave before that point, you may not be considered.

-Clan will have access to a priest shared by everyone (sealed items) to farm tougher mobs. Leveling this char will be everyone's duty. Can also be used for pk, in time.

-Using genie in non-genie parties (ie: booro cz) is not recommended unless you have to AFK just for a few minutes

-Always remove random in favor of clan member, unless said clan member cannot fulfill the role that random was playing (ie: kicking a priest that we'd otherwise need to add another archer).



From these guidelines it's simple to tell that this is an easygoing clan, as such, I'd like to give its members the highest possible amount of freedom and in doing that, mitigate any possible drama that could ensue. I can't envision a scenario where people would get pissed off if these guidelines are followed down to a T. You can also tell that since it's being formed in a rush, I kinda don't know what people we'll be playing with, so for item / noah transfers, always contact me. It's just easier like that. We're gonna be mostly a bunch of people playing together for fun, with pretty much no binds whatsoever, so almost anyone can get in!




Minimum requirements if you want to join:

-Always have at least 1500 hp 300 ac scrolls and 5000 HP and MP potion packs available.

-Voice program w/ speakers (no need to talk).

-Common sense when pking.

-Moderate amount of time to play.


Recommended requirements:

-Have premium

-Full set of PUS stuff, including DEX scrolls and pathos gloves (ATK against priests only).

-Voice program w/ microphone (talk).

-Widescreen resolution so you can better see your surroundings.

-Good computer that loads this old game quickly and can record footage.

-Ample knowledge of the game.

-Have played the archer class at a high level before.

-Situational awareness, proper positioning, proper skill usage in pk (ie: none of that "using blinding arrow for damage" bullshit).

-Lots of time to play.


Baselines to be kicked:

-Failing to abide to the guidelines / requirements above in several occasions (depends on the severity)

-Creating drama / flaming over nothing among clan members (you're free to enrage anyone else outside clan, KS them, trade spam them, lure on them, etc.)

-Being overly inactive without previous warning or falling behind excessively. (please keep up!)

-Any way of scamming, cheating, glitching, etc. this includes doing it to randoms. (I don't consider keeping a drop in a random party a "scam" though)

-Abusing any of the guidelines to gain an unfair advantage (reselling a clan drop you bought, fraud, killing a boss with randoms even if your clannies are not afk, etc.)



Now recruiting: Archers, few other classes are welcome too (2 priests max, 2 mages max, 1 defensive warrior max, 1 assassin max)


If you want to apply just say so in a post below, no weird introductions needed. Just be aware that if with time you are found to not be fulfilling the minimum requirements to join, you will be removed!

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