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Auto Loot


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Would be good to readd the Old Auto loot system.  The one running now is good for warriors , Sins , Priests, as you need to be onto of mob to have it loot...


But for mages using Aoe or range  killing same for Archers  the loot system kinda sux..  Having the old Kaul who would run out and loot was good for all range attackers .



I think would be good to being in old loot ways as well as newer one allow the player to have option of what one they want to use according to char they play on 

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Well let me tell you, with the current loot system you dont have to pick up the boxes right away.

You can pick them up at any time even after a good time has passed and you even went away from them by towning.

You can still loot. So just evry now and then move over the place the mobs died.


I had my archer @ uruks for over 2 hours (AFK)

When i got back i towned to repair and ran back to spot.

It was picking up all the boxes i had killed in those 2 hours.

Had to town 4 or 5 times cause i filled up so fast.

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Its not just for afk farming   Mages who want to do blades or aoe harpies and not use a ts  dont need to run into the middle of them and maybe and respon on top of them and die...


Warriors and priests have buffs or alot more hp and heals for things like that a mage has low hp if using mp items to xp and shouldnt be forced to buy TS to use each time wants to xp just so can loot.


Having the option of both loot systems the fairy thing or the kaul gives every class the chance to choose and use the one they want for there needs..


Its not all about the bowl  ppl need to xp and loot coin for items and upgrades before they can get in the bowl 

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Does it?

Its more like a pain when you run bowl. xD But i dont mind it. This way its usefull for mages and archers aswell.

But that pet just sounds for genie mages/archers. So afk farming ^^ Im gonna so no to that.


Now you can do afk farming on warrior or priest(bp) using Oreads.

Of course archers and mages mostly use ranged attacks which means that most of loot is gone.

I dont see a good reason why would pet be disabled.


Can we have an opinion from someone from staff here?

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