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This is not fair/Bu hiç adil değil


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1$ = 3TRY bu durumda eşit değiliz.Türk oyuncular için daha uygun fiyat olması gerekir.// We are not equal in this case ,Turkey must be more affordable for players  












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While we understand this feels completely unfair for you, the difference is actually caused by the payment processor, we're not taking anything more from you than we are from other players. In fact, anything that's not purchased in USD is subject to our payment processors exchange rates, which are usually different from the actual exchange rate (similar to how PayPal has their own exchange rates too, sometimes different by up to 5% of the actual rate). Believe me when I say, we're not out there to make you pay more than others, at all. We're looking into cooperating with Turkish ESN sellers to provide an alternative means, though bear in mind here that Turkish ESN sellers take 10% to 15% and keep it for themselves (e.g. 2125 Apex Point ESN = 65.59 to 68.58 TRY) :(

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