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1.decended of hero u take it from moradon merchant clark in emc he send u to get reply from kaishen couger and menissiah in moradon and there it stop u cant get the replay

2.leia in emc king aif dosent exist

3.sadi in emc quest pocket money canot be spent u cant do it cause it dosent give u item and no npc to comlete it?

4.menissiah in moradon knock knock the door will open 1 canot be done cause no mysterious ore in mining to exchange it to get ore magic power extra

5.gaining trust in moradon at potrang npc quests dosent work canot be completed

6.festival quests at emc stop at one point and wont continue none of  npcs have the rest

7.npc next to goblin area don't work they supposed to give quests

8.eslant attack of the barberians quest at npc tabeth says faild and u canot take it

9.eslant hero have lost bouth eyes npc don't give quests I know he supposed to


there is probably more cant complete these to get the next ones

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