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Suggestion for money and CZ


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So the last few days more and more people are getting trouble with money.

My thought was to increase the drop rate on crytals, opals, crudes and gold coins.


But then it crossed my mind that there are USELESS Orc Bandit Leaders in bowl and Harungas.


So my suggestion is that you make Orc Bandit Leaders (OBL) drop Gold Bars (GB's).

Not at 100% ofc... But more like 20%. And for Harungas to let them drop Gold Coins at 50% rate.


This will atleast give you more to do in bowl. And at the same time could make a change in the money problems.

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Fishing and cardinals now got new life in them. Seems you have'nt used the ideas in this topic but the money problem seems fixed now.

People can restat, reskill, buy pots, buy scrolls and most important they can start looking at things on the market again.


Very nice improvement ApexKO staff !!!

Keep up the awsome job.



Ps, we might need some guards back at the fishing area ^^.

Those burnings chase pretty far.

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It's still very hard for newcomers, I completely agree. The server's main active population are guys who have been playing for months, and rightly so have collected alot of good gear. I've gotten a pretty decent set of items but there are still alot of guys who have far better than me :P. A newcomer with shell+7 and a wep +7 and some crap uniques won't be able to do alot solo, but in a party they're certainly better than being outnumbered.

It's a farm server and people can't just join and be the best like on pure pvp servers. The starting kit is kinda useless though. Shells +3 aren't useful for anybody, why not give them chitin+7 and a weapon+6 and make them not upgradeable so it can't be abused. This would give them a useful set of items instead of them having to rely on older players to give them gear to start out.

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Items and money on this server is = time invested!!!! Fish , Mine !!!!!!! Hunt Eslant and CZ !!!!!!! Farm !!!!!!!!

2 mages can easily kill ews in CZ and get exp and items very very fast!!!!!!!

Anywayzzzz if u play u get items and money , if u bitch in forum and just log in to see if items are falling from sky u get nothing!!!!!!!!!

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Make a new char   trade nothing over  and join cz see how far u can get  with the +3 paper items u get...


Not everyone wants to play mages  or has time to play 2  chars and lvl 1 for killing ew and maybe upgrade them  just to find  99.9 % items from generator u cant get as no one joins  jaaurd mount  in some time zones  and no boss events no wars no nothing for some time zones as well ..


So if so easy make a lvl 1 char and farm all show everyone how it can be done so easy  when life is involved without any trading items or evnts to join and up against the humans in cz that 100 % kil anyone any lvl no matter what


Lol lets set this straight first. i only raid people who i know raid others in cz, besides from that i don't raid people xping.

We had a new person join us yesterday (or maybe 2 days ago) anyway Babason is lvl 80 now.

So yes on human side its very much possible to lvl up fast.

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Guys, you really complain about individual perceptions on unrelated times, there is a bunch of people who would join if had more chances to win like chengaver, ceeya, maybe crabby. Ppl who actually used to log for these events, and would at some point win. When you talk as if every orc had your very same problem, it's easy to understand why, you are scattered in 3 - 4 different clans, not trying to log at certain times, i'm not saying this to state that our people is better than yours, we just happen to be used to certain times for events, and are very active during those short periods of time.


Orcs for some time, used to do that, and then got bored, and left, I'm not against the first poster's suggestion, but it will probably be the same, since ppl would complain that we just farm more stuff cuz we are more people, YES, we are more people (constantly) because we decided to.


My suggestion is, (even if you say you don't have the time for nothing else but pk) to actually make mages and farm/exp, i'd say 90% of us won't raid you, and if someone do get raided, you can freely post that here, so we talk, and stop it, or try to.


Even if the exp is useless for you, it's very useful in the long term for yourself, as you gear up your team, (you don't need much gear to get to kill deva fast, or sneak in and get a smart kill, or win cuz you are freaking 8 orcs, against the usual 5 - 4 humans that always do ED), also, the items are never useless, you get in 3 hours of farm, a shit ton of stuff to upgrade. The developers have improved the drops on BUS from Cardinals, and shit, so, you actually get to make more good armor/weapons for yourself, and others, dont gift, ppl can mine/fish for money now, sell it at some affordable price, etc.


It just can't be easier to gear up a TEAM, it may take time, but not so much, and effort but not so much.


You happen to have reasonable people on the human side, that for ages have tried to make you stop raiding us, and would gladly not raid you, if you do the same.



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