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2 little things for a bit more Balance...


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Hello ApexKo Staff.


1: NT this Guy Ceeya and his Clanmates to Orc side, there are alot of other turkish orcs to so they can join a clan together and finaly we can pk more if they are not just 1-2 orcs at all in wars.


2:Give some of the orcs the chance to Classchange their chars for free to Priests so im sure 2-3 off them will do it than and FINALY the orcs have some priests, thats 1 of the biggest problems on orc side that they dont even got 1 active priest.

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you could NT my acc with a farm mage to the orc side too, its name is DontRaidMePls, we've been trying to make orc chars just to farm and exp on the orc side and help new comers, but its really boring to exp chars lol, someone suggested that also in a different thread, but if u could just nt that orc mage of mine, it'd be usefull as well.



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Well, i wanted to thank the GMS for their attention on this matter, althought NT is a temporary fix, and some strong humans went Orc, i can imagine the new comers will have someone to do stuf with, party, exp and farm, the events are a more exciting now, even though we need more people, i can say the server is growing back up again.

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