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Make we human


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LOL, you are bored cuz none of you orcs are helping new players, you only care about raiding mages at all hours, and stupid vs all the time, if you want real pk, exp the nubs at the orc side, i bet there are a few.


in WC we do that and guess what, the human population is actually increasing, so, again.


NTing people for balance was NEVER the solution, only some stupid excuse.

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what about NT MRSBeersman and Bruce to orc AARON, cos thats what we are thinking about^^. just the greenlight of brce left beersman already aggreed if bruce come with him so taht will help orcs alot cos they got players but cant play without priests


are you asking aaron to order them to go orc?

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Ok to be clear I never really said I'd be down to nt but I would consider it. Bruce will never go Orc again so you can count him out. like I said karmbit if you can get these gms to class change my Orc rogue to priest I'll gladly move gear over and pk with them when's there's nothing to do. Orcs are in need of priest that's pretty clear and with the way things are it's almost impossible to gear one from scratch cause there aren't the items for it on merchant

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-.- So we help new players get started and because of this human side is getting more and more people again. And now you want to go human too because its too boring?

You should just fucking start helping the new orc players. Unlike orcs we humans let the enemy nation xp and farm...


Just saying "We dont care about new users" pisses me off. What you wanna do on human side? Walk bowl 24/7? Start killing new orc players?

Start making some mages and priests and help each other out.


But guees you just want to kill stuff without helping anyone.. And wasting our good efforts.

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Duh cause you complete ignore them...

Where as human side has atleast 20 people online at each time.

Cause we help them.. We make the server more fun for them.


Same would be happening on orc side if you guys didnt ignore new players..

Cause all orcs seem to do is kill new players...


Thought we had a nice agreement where we didnt target new players xping or farming.

But those are the first to get hit...

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