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Hey Apexko Staff.


I made already one topic about something like a free 1week premium for ppl who still want to give this server a Chance and play here but it looks like aesteris wont do that and dont even answered us on that topic.

the devolpers need to understand that we need a premium bcs of some Stuff like Exping is otherway to hard or normal stuff like Reskilling is to expensive, no one can pay all the time 80M for reskills and GBs are really hard to get right now cos no one is buying items.


i got another idea now that will make the game devolpers happy and the players so how about the Premium prices on Pus stay like this on 1.4k KC so ppl still have to pay 15bucks to get 1.5k kc to buy a premium but u guys make an extra limited time offer for ppl who buy his Premiums that they get on exchanging his premium from the date xx.xx - xx.xx for example on war pre wings and 1x trina and something like his 1K KC back as a extra KC voucher.


ppl still pay 15$ to get a Premium but on that extra Event they got for something like 1.5 months on exchanging premiums 1k KC extra as ingame cash.


PS: A Premium on Apexko cost much more Dollars than on Usko, think about this<<


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