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Anyone bringing his clan over?


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Do you guys bring any clan from previous server to this one? If so, what race are you gonna play and what are the requirements to join if possible, bcoz apart from like 3 friends I don't have any clan to join and would like to see if there are any good english-speaking or polish-speaking clans around.


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are you bringing guys from wirezko or whom?;p I've seen Markus and Sheldon around but wasn't sure if it were real them or not.



Yes more than likely. As for Sheldon/Markus I honestly do not know if they'll join me. They enjoy making their own clans these days

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WreckingCrew is already here and bringing more people for official. We already knew players in Beta who joined and are gonna be with us in official. You know us, from ancient times in ARES, bunch of oldies with little time to play but we'll make it worth it, don't worry :B I hope we can kick some orc ass soon. 

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