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Server configuration features


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Here are some ideas to bring more people to server based in what was missing/failed or wasn't attractive enough to hold players. I know some of these ideas were discussed before many times, but we've reached a critical point where we need to consider changing the whole-config of the server in order to make it attractive for people wanting to join in.


We learned that the average KO ps player is a  player with little time, low patience levels and willing to attend long pk sessions and events. So the server should be directed to those players in order to keep population medium-high. We, as old players are willing to accept the fact that in order to have a good server to play we need to do some sacrifices. 


Problem: EXP was easy but not easier enough


Explanation: Yes, yes, Apex is easy to EXP but not easy enough for people with low patience levels. We must do some sacrifices. I know it's dumb to get 80 in 1 day or 83 in 2 days, but I imagine that if leveling only requires 3 or 4 days that will keep people farming/fighting instead of just doing boring grinding. If we want people, we need to please the super casual player.

Solution: I suggest to give huge EXP boosts to all the mobs in the game, that's probably easier than changing EXP rewards. The end-game point is to pvp, so leveling shouldn't be a chore. 

Backfire problem: I don't see a problem with lots of high lvl people.


Problem: Lack of Bus 100% mob


Explanation: I already stated that in a upgrade based economy the lack of bus 100% drop rate mob will hurt anvil usage and that happened. A lot of farming but lack of bus. Most people relied on fishermen but it wasn't enough. People need materials to upgrade that makes more chances to make +8 or worth items. It keeps people farming, it keeps people hitting the anvil and reduces the frustration of only getting 1 +7 out of a full page of +6 since there's plenty material and bus to use. 

Solution: Make several mobs in home towns to drop 100% BUS and upgrade scroll. 

Backfire problem: Lots of +8 in server that can be turned in +9 ? 



Problem: Skills had to be unlocked


Explanation: Players and newcomers don't want to do that. It damaged pvp, made a lot of people quit. Lupus was an expensive drop, people were holding those items for newcomers and not putting them on merchant. When lupus was common lobo was uncommon and so on.

Solution: Leave skills open for all classes. Only lvl 60 master skill should be a requirement.

Backfire problem: What do we do with Lupus, Lobo and Lycaon pendants?


Problem: Eslant was not attractive


Explanation: In order to bring people to CZ, Eslant got a "slight" EXP increase but not enough to make it a EXP zone. So it was a dead zone only used for boss farming. 

Solution: Consider giving a 500% exp boost (or even more) to all the mobs and also more worth drops on mobs that do not exist in CZ (Example : Dark, Death mares).

Backfire problem: People not farming in CZ reducing pk activity.


Problem: Variety in drops


Explanation: Yes yes, I know drop system in KO is a pain in the ass and it's actually kind of retarded but still, I hate to know that all troll mobs drop glave, all stone golem mobs drop iron bow and so and so. So predictable. People want to know where to farm but also be surprised sometimes. Titan drops the same item as stone golem. How possible? The diff. between both is abysmal! Which mob drop iron impact non-exceptional? I know you guys get my idea. Also rare +8 do not exist, compounding +9 acc is not possible or very low chance, not +10 acc around, no defense wep pieces dropped by mobs outside MSS2, you know, variety. Keeps players farming. If game turns predictable it gets boring after a while.

Solution: Change the drop rate and drops from most mobs, give to big big mobs +5 high class wep/armor, +8 rare non upgradable, +8 rare armor not upgradable, rare wep def, etc. Try to make it balanced and give all the mobs a purpose.

Backfire problem? I don't see any problem in providing more variety.


Problem: Event rewards


Explanation: Was discussed 1000000 times already.

Solution: Give a boost to rewards.

Backfire problem? Alt accounts being afk only to get rewards.


Problem: Lack of second currency


Explanation: Coins are awesome but also it's nice to collect something through farming that can be exchanged for something at some NPC. It keeps people farming even if they are not interested in the usual drops.

Solution: Create a NPC that exchanges some unique accesories & weps for a considerable amount of non-tradable and stackable "gem" "crystal" "coin", whatever you want. 

Backfire problem: I don't see any problem with this.


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The only thing I would add is that custom content is what I really think would attract people. The only problem is that it takes development time to create these things and it seems that our admins are quite busy IRL.


Oh and more events, LOTS of events, kill GM, find GM, boss event, and whatever else there is. But those will probably be a thing when the new GMs get hired.

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Yes, If the server is filled with people then the exp right now is not bad. But seeing lak of people for exp it is really really shitty. With shells 6 and ii 6 it is impossible to solo for quests like doom soldier, falcons etc. The number required in quests should be reduced to half of what it is. When we farm and exp we kill DK and EW in cz. Dk quest exp is so so so bad.

I would suggest to make exp easier. Quests should be repetable for EW and DK in cz for infinite times. Increase the rate of weapons in ew please. Make the quest exp from these mobs high, I mean really high lol.



As mention it is shitty.

Make BUS drop 50% and not 100% as recommended by ronnen. The other 35-40% can be normal upgrade scroll. Also make it drop from Blood seeker and beast too.



What you have done so far is great. I would like to add few more (ofc we always want more yayyyy).

1 stack of 1k buff, 200ac, attack and sw. Also 700 hp and 960 mp 1000 stack (like you are providing 720 and 1920) both which cannot be traded or sold but can be stored.

Also give them armors (Fp and chitins +6 rare and 2 weapons +6 rare [which cannot be traded or sold but can be stored.])

Some money would be greta as well. I won dered 30 mins when I started for 1st job change and I had no idea why I could not do it. Someone then gave me 1 gold coin and then I could see the 1st job change.


AFK in moradon:

You see for 2 hours give them more exp for afk in moradon (should be exponentially increased with lvl ofc – else ppl will just sit and be 70 in 3 days). This gets population in moradon and then people who begin in this server actually see population which will help them boost for exp :D

Monster stone drop:

I have farmed cardinals more than 3 hours and got 2 MS so far. May be my luck lol. Make it bit more and decrease their ap by 35%.


BDW:  So far I have not been able to go to bdw, it sucks :D Do something about it!

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Great suggestions. I think BUS in cardinals is over 50% at the moment and you see how low the drop rate is. According to what I know, loot system works like this: you have 15 drop slot per mob, the more you include the same item it raise its %. So basically to make it better you have to write the BUS ID at least 10 times in that particular mob to give a 67% chance of getting a bus. Right now is way lower than that. I think we need a mob that drop it at least over 80%, that means at least 12 out 15. 

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other funny thing - anvil plox, anvil why u so hard? 


so true but again i see people succeed 3x+7 in a row. or sometimes 4.

I tried more than 4 full inn. first few days got like 2 +6 from half inn or 1. today i got 5 from full inn but never made a 7 xD

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it did work a while... but we needed events every weekend... gms watching and banning bad people... good offers in PUS... release CSW about 2 months earlier...  less NT and more adversiting (voting system, bring friends system, etc)  


good server.. I hope you make another one like this.. and after 2months.. merge both servers.. I'd come back.. 

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