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Bring more players to Apexko - Keep the ones u have


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Ok, here are few suggestions in order to attract more people and to keep the ones you already have, discuss, give feedback.


Chaos / BDW 

Problem: Reward isn't attractive enough for players.

Solution: Increase EXP reward and give something useful. In the case of BDW, EXP sc doesn't work, winning proof is pointless. 5 red chests per winning sounds better than one. In chaos the same, give 3 blue chests instead of one or probably gems for the winners + blue chests. I don't know use your imagination, isn't like anyone is going to complain. 


Monster stones

Problem: After lvl 80, the same map over and over. Lack of % on good drops such as rol/roc/skelly. Cannot be stored in INN. Cannot be made in party/w a friend. Mobs only drop scrap/nest/old unique. 

Solution: Pretty much upgrade this feature unlike any other server around, damn, not even usko has the chance to make a MS with a friend. Also make mobs drop weapon defense armor, shells, bus and other useful stuff. Consider upgrading the EXP aswell. Monster stones used to be a valuable thing to get, but now is like "meh" because you can't store it, share it or even get something cool from it.



Problem: Always the same map! 

Solution: rotate map? make people vote maps? I don't know, but it would be nice to have different maps in diff. wars like usko.  


CZ Quests

Problem: EXP given is hilarious compared to Eslant. 

Solution: increase the EXP reward from quests in CZ. Give grinding a new purpose. Make repeatable quests.


Use your facebook page wisely

Problem: Not active enough.

Solution: Make facebook contests like "Share this picture - promotion picture" and win 500Apex points, 1000Apexpoints, etc. I know many non-premium players that would love to do whatever to win some Apex. Facebook is a powerful tool that's not being used wisely.


Ego/Glutton spawn

Problem: People outside bitfrost schedule want to farm fragments but they can't. 

Solution: Add some egos/Glutton spawns in CZ. Not higher than that. Those patches of enemies could be added somewhere in the map like on the sides outside the bowls. Risky to farm but fun.


Tournament idea

Problem: Bring something unique to players that nobody else gives. People want to compete, want to test their skills outside the regular pk.

Solution: Make a 3vs3 or duo tournament. You can organise this with GMs/Kings of each nation, make a topic for it, people will apply the team and fights are going be handled in Arena. Promote this event as much as you can. Give a very nice reward. 


Referer box

Problem: If I invite friends and they log/register/make characters because of me, it would be nice to get something in exchange.

Solution: Give a few Apex or special points that can be traded later. The more people register a char because of you, the better for the player.


King treasure

Problem: not many funds on treasure to run coin/exp events. 

Solution: GM can give more coins to treasure and make sure these coins are not stolen by king (through player feedback, monitoring) so the King can actually help players out without using his own money.


GM Wars events

Problem: Not events involving GM and pk.

Solution: GM karus, GM human. Both in a cruel fight. Each nation has to protect (healing, curing) its GM and try to kill the opposite nation GM. Rewards are always in Apexpoints not ingame items. 


Moradon Etharoth or whatever u want invasion

Problem: We need boss invasions events in a neutral place.

Solution: Run the event in moradon spawning mobs that drop blue chest, bus, bes, monster stones. 


EMC/Luff boss invasion

Problem: Nothing going on in each home nation.

Solution: Add some spicy event that involves players fighting together. Perhaps some Eslant mobs dropping gems or chests. Any reward would be nice.


Video promotion event

Problem: If you search Youtube for "Apex KO" you only will find a few videos not showcasing the server properly.

Solution: Make a contest with ApexPoints as reward where you need to showcase 2-3 features of the server. This way we can flood youtube with Apex videos. Take into account that a lot of people find private servers throug videos, so wise tagging is necessary.


ApexKO/KO Wallpaper event

Problem: Need to promote the server through something artistic that maybe can be shared in facebook or other social network.

Solution: Invite players to try their photoshop/artistic skill making wallpapers for ApexKO.


Eslant big mobs useful

Problem: There are a lot of new mobs in Eslant that has no use or purpose at all (Example: Grendell). They are from a chain of quests that are not activated now and it will be nice if they are useful somehow.

Solution: Give them a drop like silver bar, shell +5, rare non upgradable +8, BES etc. Same with their minions.




More suggestions are welcome. Feedback, anything goes. 








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I have been on for 2 days but havent seen any gm or any acivities. In orc side not even exp or farm.


I have literally pm'd ppl if they are but all say NO lol


quest are hard and cant be done solo, so no matter what exp oit gives if there aren't any people around, its worthless :P

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I've been away for the past 3 days duo to work,however i'll be active once again now i will also announce when i'm online.

On topic we're planning on doing more advertisement as it is right now,the graphic designer is already aware of what he has to do.

A lot of what you've mentioned above is already planned it simple wasn't made yet (our/my fault),we do strive towards being better and slowly but surely we will get there.

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many ppl just like to complain but do nothing to improve the experience, don't be put off by them iooi, we offered help yesterday but ure orc, i'm not suggesting you switch to human, but we need these so called high rank clans that kept complaining about balance to come forward and at least make it possible for new players to actually make a difference in population.

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To be honest with all of you, EXPING here isn't hard at all. I did 83 twice, first on beta and then live server without level jump or anything, 82 to 83 took me a while and my clan didn't even have the amount of people it has now so pretty much was me soloing with 1500 ap (support priest) grinding mobs. I didn't even do any single quest in cz, eslant or emc, pure grinding and monster stones and it took me perhaps 1 week to get 80. Can't people like level a week? I have a weird work schedule but I did it anyway. I have the strong sense that most people complain about silly things out of lazyness or this "I want everything right away" mentality. It doesn't work like that, not in a MMO. I believe people here expect a Call of Duty-kinda matches, like log on and go straight to fight without worrying about gear, level or tactics, just bam bam, win, log off and I don't know how serious these casual gamers are about MMORPGs but it's all about developing a character, built it, take your time to take the right decitions and run with it. That takes time. I remember being rushed by orcs and people saying "when is your clan gonna be ready for this or that", chill bro, we're developing at our own pace, this isn't a race, is not about who can be good for 2 months, this server is here to stay. 


Those clans that logged to be famous for a couple of weeks and then they got bored of killing the same people and left saying "we haven't found any worth opponent" got everything wrong. They are wrong. Server needs development so are the players in the server. It's a shame that now that many friends are catching up people decided to leave to try "another server with the same 70+ bs which will be probably be off in 4 months and you'll be switching again". That's a KO fanbase disease and we can't rid of it. Here in Apex you've a server that has been in development for long time to give accurate KO behaviour, events, etc and people leave to play an ancient bugged shit or to spend shit-ton of money on USKO just because "EXP too hard" "I burnt my items" "Nothing to do", yeah it piss me off too that there's nothing to do but that's the nature of Knight Online, I got bored in Ares sometimes too, even with lots of people around I got bored too because the game is limited, it's not really a lively world like other MMOs, you have the farm part and the pk part, both are accurate on Apex so why people keep bitching about the regular/normal things?


For me, in the long run it's all about custom content. If your server can put up stuff that we only imagined in our wildest KO dreams then ApexKO will be crowded and it will be successful business for everybody involved. I'm just giving away ideas. ApexKO doesn't need to be exactly like USKO, actually being exactly like USKO wouldn't do good at all. You need your own custom content that will keep players playing or doing stuff. So far I haven't seen anything custom besides a few NPCs and it will take time to shape this. Stick with us, this is gonna be great. 

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Ronnen with no people whatsoever it is hell boring to exp alone. Yes i am doing it solo too and now i am on 77 [from 75 to 77 i just did quest] else it is tough. I do not have muc time but i play 4-7 hours now (not enough sleep but there is always coffeeeeeeee), yesterday i just quit killing shit and sarted mining adn finishing with rod from sundries. Why i hate running around alone and sliding mobs :D


I have had different chars lvl'd up without a premium in other servers but i had different people to play with. Making new chars and having new other players o play with is fun, bu solo is shit (i mean solo in lufferson running around or eslant lol).


My premium is about to be over and i am wondering what should i do. I won't exp for sure (farmed cardinals for an hour to get 25 BUS and no monster stone go me more frustated lol), if some other people join i will still exp without premium for sure :)

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Lame.................... Get your friends to join guys!! 



:( I have all my friends here and im still alone.


Good idea's, but it pains me to see a member that plays the game coming up with more ideas how to save the server then the admins them self.

Im sure they are working on idea's. But what good is that if you dont make notice of them on daily bases.

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