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Level JUMP


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SO the website says lvl jump


65/65(higher)  75 (non preimum) and 78 (premium)


I registerday yesterday morning and my char still shows PLATENIUM PREMIUM (no i have not bought the premium), bu i lvl jumped from 65 (60%) to 75 (0%)


Only who purchase in game premium gets that jump?


Please clear it for me and also mention it clearly in the website because it is ambigious :/

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@wade: It was not mentioned clearly in the web site so was asking. But thanks for the link.


@number2: I always played orc. no one on orc. i wish gm could nt me and then prolly nt me back orc if i wanted to. Dunno if that is possible. If possible, my ign is the same

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That lvl jump with free and buying prem must be fixed fast cause is confusing and u feel screwed in the end.

Let ppl jump to 78 with free prem YEAH

I vote for that :D


i got the same wrong message due to the incomplete statement in the website (well it is misleading). I already jumped 2 chars on 3 day premium (not to 6) bu i still vote for it to go 68

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to be honest i think they should make the level jump to lvl 80 from 65 and to 75 from 60.

Atleast give the new players more chance on farming faster ^^.

That way they can still do quests and xp to get 83. But they have a good level for pk right from the moment they do the jump level event.

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