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Valor( Merciless ) vs OttomanPlatoon


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Good clip. Sadly, there's a lot of difference between 1 priest and 2 priests. You have 1 db + 1 full buffer which makes things harder for them, practically duffs are a waste. In those cases I rather cure and heal than duffing, because the buffer press 1 skill and everybody gets cured right away, that's why you need to kite people away from the cure range, in that case, full curse on them.  I always said that one party with 2 priests 1 db + 1 fb can take everything and it's quite true, if both priests are good can make survive anyone, even lvl 60+ in combat. 

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It's a definite advantage having 2 priests vs 1. But with a good mage I can solo priest alright. That priest 4synapsea(sp) was not good. he kept running to the front (to duff), making himself easily targetable.  Which is the WORST possible thing to do as solo priest.


Nahh, it's actually okey when they have mage (they did). He just didn't get saved even once by chagataii, that's why they lost actually both times.

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