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We dont want ur cute jokes. Wrecked 'joking' us 100 times in a day.


You don't think its same for us too? I get several "fuck mom" PM's daily.


You also lure Troll Warriors to fishers specially aiming for our clannies.


You also afk / fool in ED parties when you got our members in same party.


If you wan't peace between our clans, you need to stop all these. We will stop then aswell.





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Yeah sure I'll ban him for typing a word.


People, how do you deal with your everyday lives if you let something this minor affect you that much? If I were to put on a scale what's more 'toxic' then surely even just one of the things that SPANKME listed would easily tip it over to your side.


Stop trying to get people banned, use the block chat feature in game or just ignore it.

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