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ThunderCatzz Recruiting for Active Mages


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Hello guys ThunderCatzz are looking for active mages/priests therfore there is a requirements in the clan and they are :



1.Has to be lvl 80+

2.Has to be active and free while we pk

3.Have to follow orders and commands from the commanders.

4.Medium gear is required(light belt of life, Hell blood+7/Woe+7, Set shell +7 FR+0,LKP+0,EP+0),however if you are new to the server and you would like to join us we would help you greatly(when greatly i actually mean it) but we want also would like from you to be active on wars/CSW/and daily pk.

5.All skills has to be opened(70/72/75/80)

6.Need to have atleast 2 years experience on mage

7.Need to have 80 on fire (duh) 48 ice/light (what ever you like, we prefer light for stun)

8.Need to be speak/understand English (Turkish ppl are welcome, our commander also can command on turkish)

9.Must use Teamspeak In order to play properly,However microphone is not needed.

10.And most important, have fun :)


If you have this requirements , you are more then welcome to pm the following ppl:




since videos of other servers are not allowed, pm me if you would like to see some of our videos.

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