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Juraid Mountain Problems


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Not allowed to use several characters from a computer, but slid away fromkeyboard Juraid mountain 3 characters are left .It brought to the room where the creature AFK you to stay. My thinking is supposed to put Juraid mountain entrance to the 2000 national  point border. AFK remaining groups are losing because of it.

Not:Adamlar  yeni gelenler  geri  kalmasın diye  level jump yapıyorlar  siz de bunu en kötü sekilde kullanabilidiginiz  gibi kullanyorsunuz , 3 char sokup  jr  girip  odalara kadar  karakterleri getirip afk kalmak nedir  , item  için bu kadar  onursuzlaştınızmı beyler  milletten küfür yemek bu kadarmı hoşunuza gidiyor , bir arkanıza  bakın bakalım  her g irdiginiz  türk server kapanyor  neden  yöneticelri  item satıyor diye dimi   bu birinci etken 2. etkende etikligi bozan ne kadar hile hurda  varsa  gerçekleştiriyorsunuz . Su oyunu  keyif almak için oyanayanlara  köstek oluyorsunuz ! 

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Worst idea. period.

Not all of people focus on pk and prefer to farm whole day.

So some people might not reach that mark, also people who are exping.


Even if you farm all day you probably go to bdw's, perhaps make some kills in cz, so reaching 2k shouldn't be a problem. As for donating it is simple, dont donate all your NP's.

But if you still think 2k is too much, just make it 1k... Something has to be done about it, its freakin annoying seeing naked afk chars in every damn ED.

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I believe the easiest way will be to report the leechers, and staff banning them or something like that, seems like the only way to me :)



+1, 2 day ban for each time. However, screenshots are not enough evidence. This would require GM's to pay a visit on several juraids to really take effect.

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Thats Patetic to hear that from you Braynt, i dont know whats going on on orc side but for sure the most event afkers on human side are from your clan......


maybe with that 2k nationalpoint rule others cant enter but what is with your clan they got all more than 2k and there are all Fll akfers more than others, so dont think that 2k rule fix our problem with juraid.

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