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exp :/


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Hello ApexKO Staff



My Clan and My friend's clan join in ApexKO


But server exp so hard ,, usko = apexko (like) 


you can open %100 exp event for us and i am saying again exp so hard   we just want to pave the way for exp (We want to facilitate the exp)

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Wtf how can u say its hard?

1. Take the new comers prem for free

2. Level to 35

3. Go to ms. With one you can reach 55+, two is enough for 60

4. Use level jump event and you are already 73+


With a clan you can reach 80 in a day


Ps. If you are lazy theres the free 20 hour genie :P

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Reached 80 as solo player after few weeks, without lvl jump, didn't even exp at all, all i did was doing high exp quests sometimes, going to events, fishing and clearing monster stone instances.


With few people and lvl jump it should be really fast now.

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