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exp problems


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Hello ApexKO Staff

My Clan and My friends clan join in ApexKO

But server exp so hard ,, usko = apexko (like) 

%100 exp event open and again so hard :you can open for us %100 exp event , 
and i am saying again exp so hard

%100 exp event open and again so hard :/  we just want to pave the way for exp (We want to facilitate the exp)

My Knight Online Oyuncu Platformu Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/KOWOyuncuPlatformu/

My Clan Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/4Difference.Family

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It's not that hard man,


Grab the newcomer package, get premium, level to 65 together and level up to 75? (I think)

After getting level 75, open up your achievement page (bottom left button - achieve), grab the free 6 monster stones.

Go to Eslant, smash out the premium quests - they give up to 35-55mill exp.

After conpleting, smash out your monster stones.

You'll get to around late 70s, than just farm dark knights etc, you'll get xp and drops.

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