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I've seen that has become usual that people logs their naked chars in Juraid... I understand people with low gear & ap that can not help so much or might die easily...   But I've seen at least 10 chars naked... I just decided to make this topic... everyone should take pictures and videos... and report them here.... I hope they get at least 1 week ban or something even worse... 


I gonna start with this... next EDs gonna take more pics and videos... 


FIRST ED 22/08/2015






two guys afk or naked....





that means 25% of the team... of course we lost that just arriving the third room....



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Alpha this guys H3r0HijoteufeL  had never used a weapon during ED nor attacked... he only leech gems... (he moves his character every minut to be close enough to get gems)...  the only way to fight back is banning their accounts... I gonna record them being half naked the whole ED...  I hope you understand us and delete those people that just want to pull down the server.. thanks..

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  • Administrators

Thanks for the reports. Everyone in this thread has been dealt with.


We're in the process of addressing this problem, which is why we've been less focused on dealing with the players presently abusing it. But please continue to report offenders in case they're missed at the time, and we'll be sure to deal with them too.


Thanks again.

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