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Apex Forever | Supershell Manufacturing [EN]


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Supershell armor manufacturing guide

What do you need?

1x Chitin Shell Armor piece (+1)
1x Augmented Armor Mold (MUST match the Chitin Shell piece)
1x Dark Mithril Fragment

Where to obtain the required ingredients?

1. Chitin Shell armors may be obtained via various monsters in Ronark Land and Eslant.
Alternatively, you can do the daily quests in Ronark Land available through the <Daily Quest Board> and get up to 5 Chitin Shell armor pieces EVERY DAY!

2. The Augmented Weapon Mold may be purchased from [Materials] Shozin's Daughter.


3. Dark Mithril Fragments can be farmed from Monster Invasion (a special Ronark Land bowl event).
During the Monster Invasion event, Treasure Chests will spawn in Ronark Land bowl.
You may only attack these chests with R-attacks.
For the event schedule in your local timezone please refer to our website


You may combine the ingredients via [Disciple of Hepa] Shozin.
The success rate is 70%.

KnightOnLine_lQYgSct35Z.png.5cae3a34eb9e8252a2527b518eeed112.png        KnightOnLine_K3QJJgIhjl.png.8b58e23f78788b091088278e6173ea5b.png

The class of the item is NOT random - you will receive the same class as you've used as material (e.g. Rogue Chitin Shell Armor becomes Mythril Armor)

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