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Start Chaos event 10 minutes later or Juraid 10 minutes earlier.


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As the title says. I'm talking about the 17:00 PM Chaos and 16:40 PM Juraid. Right now, if you are stuck for the whole 25 minutes on Juraid, you can't go to Chaos which doesn't concern much people nor does it happen often, but still, it can happen. So I'm kindly asking you to change the start of either of them by 10 minutes.

Also you should consider boosting the rewards for Chaos so maybe there will be a little bit more people participating in it (right now you can be happy, if you have enough people to get teleported in). I know a lot of people don't like it, but still,  getting around 20-40 people to take part in it is not impossible with a little better rewards maybe. 1st place reward is so-so now(still a little bonus wouldn't hurt), but the 2nd and 3rd place is almost a waste of time. My suggestion would be atleast an envy fragment for 2nd place and a lust fragment for 3rd place.

Thank you for your time.

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