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My account is blocked because of the macro program I downloaded to level up.


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Last night I created an archer character to level up and I brought this character to 64 level by hand. I started looking for a macro program because I was tired and my wrists were sore. As a result of my research on the internet, I downloaded the macro program and that damn thing is called zenbot and while using this program, I told my friends the name of the program and they told me that I should delete the program and not use . I tried to delete the program but failed. Because he was reading the screen movements in the game by installing a dll extension on my computer and I did not know this. I thought it was a simple macro program .

I really didn't know there was a screen scanning feature. it was installing a dll extension on the computer. My friends told me. If I had known I wouldn't have really used it and I wouldn't have been in this situation
This is the first time this has happened to me, I had no intention of ruining your server. I wouldn't have done it if I knew it was a crime
I'm really sorry 
It's really sad to have destroyed my 1 month's effort with the program I downloaded in a ridiculous way.

I downloaded the program only to be able to combo with the archer and I only needed that feature of the program . The rest of its features don't really interest me, because I already own genie and an oreads with auto loot .

i am a long time user on your server and someone playing tp mage with my team. My only goal was to quickly develop my character and have fun solo when my teammates were not available.

You can review all the subscriptions I have used . I have never used a program until yesterday. I already regretted using it because I did not know that such a situation would happen to me. if i knew i wouldn't

My Account Id is : denizkaras11

By the way, sorry for my bad English, I hope I explained the problem properly.

I hope you will forgive me for this mistake I made unknowingly. Thank you all in advance for your interest.
good game everyone have fun

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Aynı makrodan dolayı bende ban yedim ama nafile  bu koxp degıl sonucda makro bi yerde keza bu makroyu db sıfırlanmadan oncede kullanıyordum ama makro olarak kullanıyordum zaten baska bırsey olarak kullanamıyorsunuz.  Ona rağmen ban yedım boyle bır makro programı yuzunden ban yıcegımı bılsem bende kullanmazdım ama garıp bı ban oldu .Düzeltilmesi lazım.


  Nick:NORTH . 

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