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A few suggestions to make the server more enjoyable and welcoming

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As most people know, the server is in a terrible spot right now; Farming is pointless-unless you  genie rogue 6+ hours in Luf/EMC. BF is next to useless and Juraid's yellow stone win/black stone loss is not really helping anyone. In addition, the economy is deprived of silver, leading to babashoppers being the only people with top tier items- I know this is the case with any server but at least on most USKO/private servers, those who spend their time farming can actually progress.

The whole point of playing on a private server is to be able to farm at an accelerated rate compared to USKO. Unfortunately this is not the case with APEX Forever. You can spend hours actively farming only to gain a measly 10-20m(and that's hoping someone buys all your +1 raptors/shards). In addition, you do not get enough Blessed upgrade scroll drops from high end grind spots.. forcing users to spend all their hard earned silver on BUS just to blow up their drops/gear.

I understand where the admins/mods are coming from, when they say they want progress to be slow, but you also have to understand that the player base want to be able to progress and catch up to the babashopers by investing their time in farming. 


Here are a few suggestions, that I believe will positively impact the economy and overall well being of the server.

 -Buff Blessed upgrade scroll drops @ high end farm spots

      -An increase of blessed upgrade scrolls means an increase of silver in the economy, everyone needs these scrolls to upgrade. The excess scrolls obtained can be               sold for silver, which would in turn boost the silver in circulation. I've farmed for 4+ hours at DK in CZ and only got 11 tradeable BUS..This needs to be fixed.

  -Buff Monster Stone Drops @ high end spots

       -I've only seen 1 monster stone drop so far out of a month of playing/farming. In addition the drop rate in MS instance is so low, 1/24 have dropped an acces for me         so far; by buffing MS drop, you are giving players an small, but better chance, to get their hands on accessories that will help them progress/make silver.

  -Buff High end grind spot drops in CZ (I know improvements have been made, but more is needed)

       -I know that I will get backlash for saying this, but after duo farming DK in CZ for 2+ hours (06/03/2022), each of us walked away with 3 raptors...so 6-8M if sold.                 When taking into account the resources used on scrolls/pots/time the profit is negligible and feels that farming DKs/DMs or anything in this server  is a waste of               time. Why waste 3 hours of your time farming when you can just put in $10 and make 100m silver???

   -Introduce Gold coin/jack pots/ silver bar drops @ CZ DMs/AOC/Boroo/etc.

          -As stated previously, the economy needs more silver in circulation. I understand that you cannot flood the server with silver as there would be harsh ramifications.              But it cannot be ignored that the only people with silver are those who babashop/clan boss hunt/ or afk rogue genie luf/emc for 10+ hours a day. Some people                actually enjoy actively farming and on most servers that is what nets the user the most rewards- since it is the more demanding task of the previously mentioned.              In my opinion, introducing gold coin drops/jackpots/silver bar drops at these high end spots in CZ would do wonders for the deflation we see in the market right               now.

I hope the admins take these suggestions into consideration and do something for the betterment of the player base as a whole, in order to keep players actively engaged in the server. From what I've been seeing, by time we get to Phase 6 there isn't going to be many players around to enjoy it since all would have left due to the lack of progression.






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