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Shaynnzzz Nerfed Clan Leader Scammer


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Ok this guy simply came off running while "Simhah" and "Phoenix" were attacking the boss and he got the drop (Silver Earring+0), being in the same clan "Nerfed", the drop was supposed to be splitted and he is the leader of that clan as well. For over a week he strolled them and later said " he is not going to share the drop" and had the audacity to say to their face that he scammed them, and he later removed them from the clan. It doesn't matter if the item is of 1m - 10m or 10 gb, a scam is a scam irrespective of the value, had it been a random party would never been an issue but clan leader is scamming its own members...I hope certain actions would be taken against this guy since he accepted that he scammed them. Later he changed his name in discord and now they are planning to remake the clan as well so that the name of the clan could be changed. If no action is taken against these sort of scammers, there is no point of having this section either.... @Aesteris @Heung @twostars @Caribe



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