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Suggestions about making farm better


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Hi, i am the guy giving you headaches in the last week about farm in discord, i've decided to bring this into forum because discord chat can get messy.
Here are some of the problems me and my friends think needs to be solved:
-Farm in general is not satisfying, not just about cz but also monster stones, bosses, bifrost etc. Most of the time you lose more resources than you make.
-Farming at cz has no benefits right now, people just farm at eslant and emc where it is safe, taking risk and going cz is not rewarding.
-Some slots are way more different than original versions, as an example aoc is considered the most valuable bus farm in cz most of the time, but in apex it is just dk with less drops.
-There are nothing to farm as duo,trio or as whole party
-We literally never saw a monster stone drop from any monsters
-Almost all mobs stay inside each other (not that important, but just annoying for archers)

And here are my suggestion on how to solve this issues
-Expanding the drop table of mobs, ts and magic hammer drops can be added to stone golem and troll like in usko, mid tier mobs like dk, doom soldier, ravens should drop more scrolls and some hard mobs may drop bifrost stones on low chance, like aof in usko drops wrath etc. By this way even if you dont get high class drops you will atleast have something in your inventory when you go to farm these spots it will feel much better than dying empty handed.
-I think this issue is beyond solving right now, ateast exceptional items should have been cz only drops but it is too late now, in the future when new items come, you should never add these drops to eslant or emc.
-Keeping things simple and sticking with original never fails, just buff aoc and hobgoblin
-I think this can only be solved by future item updates, i have no other idea right now
-We know you guys dont wanna flood the server with uniques but this is way too cruel, maybe make monster stones cz only drop

This server has the best staff and client i've ever seen but gameplay right now is so much boring, seeing almost all cz slots empty is really bugging us but we believe you guys can fix it.

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+10000000 had so many of my friend quit / not join already due to literally not having anything to do other than pK. I’m all for hard farm believe me. But when the best 8man DM farm comes out with 10m each/hr what is the point of farming? There hardly any coin in the economy and just no reason to play unless you’re going to pK.

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