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Chaos Çıkışı Oyun Kapanması


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aşağıda linkini paylaştığım video'da görüldüğü gibi chaos bittikten sonra oyun yüklenirken kapanıyor ve ödüllerimi alamıyorum, daha önce ki sunucularınızda da başıma gelmişti, size bildirmiştim fakat video alamamıştım o yüzden ödülümü almak için ispat edememiştim. Halen çözülmemiş bir hata olması üzücü, umarım en yakın zamanda çözebilirsiniz.



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  • Administrators

I believe this crash occurred because of the ALT+TAB right when it switched to the load screen.

It seems to invalidate things it's rendering mid-load which it can't really handle because load screens behave a little differently to any other part of the game logic, and then it crashes trying to use the invalidated object.

I don't really have any immediate plans to address this, just because load screens are awkward, but I'll certainly keep it on the list to get to at some point.
I would strongly suggest avoiding ALT+TAB'ing when you're about to enter a load screen in the meantime.

Also: as for the rewards - you crashed on the load screen, which is after rewards are given server-side. You should certainly have them, even if you didn't see the notification that you did.
Please let me know if you have any further concerns.

Thanks for your report.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you so much for your care.

I figured out that alt tab was causing this problem.

But I couldn't get my rewards after the related chaos. In the chaos I entered after the last server restart, I saw that the rewards came before teleportation, but as you can see in the video, the rewards did not come before teleporting, and the rewards did not come after entering the game. I wish I had thought of recording it on video when I logged back into the game. When the game was crashed in the same way on your server last year, I also did not receive my award. Will there be any compensation for this?

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  • Administrators

So on closer inspection, the reason you didn't get any rewards is because you'd deleted your Map of Chaos during the event. This needs to exist for rewards.

I've just given you your rewards, and on the next server restart it will no longer allow you to delete or move the Map of Chaos while in the Chaos Dungeon event. That should prevent any future confusion.

Thanks again for your report. 

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