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Apex Forever | Level 70 Quest [EN]


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70 Quest Guide

In this guide, we'll explain the level 70 skill quest step-by-step.
Following the steps outlined below will allow you to unlock your level 70 skill.

1-  After reaching level 70, go to the NPC appropriate for your class (listed below).

Mage: [Archmage] Drake (Laiba/Linate Village)
Priest: [Priest] Minerva (Luferson/El Morad Castle)
Rogue: [Secret Agent] Clarence (Bellue/Asga Village)
Warrior: [Warrior Master] Skaki (Luferson/El Morad Castle)


2- On the appropriate NPC, click on the "70Lv skill" option:

3-  Check the quest requirements (this is the same for every class):
5x Spell Stone Powder + 10.000.000 coins

Skill Quest.png

4- Check out this guide to find out where you can get Spell Stone Powder.

~ Apex Gaming Ekibi

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