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Apex Forever | Leveling Guide [EN]


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Leveling Guide

Leveling up in Apex Forever is a breeze; It is specifically tuned so that you will reach the maximum level as long as you complete most of the quests available to you.

Starting off in Moradon, you will only need to pick up the very first few quests from the NPCs.
Up until level 35, all available quests are automatically accepted on your behalf when you level up, saving you valuable time travelling back and forth.

WARNING: Not doing the quests that reward you gear in Moradon may put you at a significant disadvantage later on!

We highly recommend you pick up most if not all items on your leveling journey, this will help you out massively later as coins are hard to come by.
Furthermore, attending events is highly recommended - they give you a nice break from leveling, and give you some great EXP & rewards too!

From level 60 onwards, daily quests in both Ronark Land and Eslant become available. It is recommended to start these as early as you can - a lot of the requirements for these quests overlap with quests you would do while leveling anyway!

PRO TIP: If you're solo and you can't take on something, find a party and 'tag' along.
Simply hitting any monster (even if you're not in the party that gets the drop) will count towards your quest when it dies.

That's it, we've tried to keep it as simple as possible.

~ The Apex Gaming team.

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