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To GM and players about ED event

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Hello everyone I would like to talk about ED event. As you know there is no score count in there so you got few ways to finish the event.


First - win before second team get into deva room

Second - lose before you get to deva room


You can also lose or win the event by killing the deva if both teams meet in final room. 


So my suggestion is to fix frag counter in ED. Why? This is annoying when you get into deva room you almost kill it and then enemy team appears. It doesn't matter if you crush them 3 times party vs party or you do it 20 times in a row the score is still 0:0, you are forced to fight and waste your time because second team can't lose by dying and they don't give up because they still have a chance to ks the deva and if you don't both teams lose in the end - 0:0 score. 


What do you think about it? Share your opinions please.

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