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Apex Forever | Money Making [EN]


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Making Money

There are various methods of making money in Apex, below are a few methods of obtaining coins.

  1. Weekly Ranking stipends
    • Anyone on the Weekly Ranking can claim a daily stipend, this stipend can be as high as 20m coins EVERY DAY!
      Remember to claim this manually at the [Knight Clerk] NPC in El Morad Castle / Luferson Castle.
      Daily Stipend.PNG

  2. PvP Bounty Contracts
    • These are obtained from various sources, including Collection Races, and require you to kill a certain amount of players for varying amounts of coins.
      Bounty Hunter quests.PNG
  3. Collection Races
    • Other than PvP Bounty Contracts, Collection Races may also reward you with Silver Bars and other high-value items.

  4. Daily Quests
    • Various daily quests reward you with items you may NPC or Merchant.
      Check out the <Daily Quest Board> in Ronark Land town and browse through the selection!
      Daily Quest Board.PNG

  5. Coin Farm Spots in Ronark Land:
    • Apostle of Piercing Cold
    • Cardinals
    • Treants
    • Ancients
    • Etaroth & Most Evil Wizard (party-focused, not enabled at launch)

  6. Participating in events
    • Additional items (such as PvP Bounty Contracts) may be purchased with Certificate of Event Participation down the line.
    • Collect Voucher of Chaos (by winning Chaos) and Certificate of Victory (by winning Border Defense War) to exchange for a PvP Bounty Contract (10M)
      Event Hoarder.PNG


~ The Apex Gaming team

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