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Apex Forever OFFICIAL

Apex Forever BETA


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Upgrade Information EN.png

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What will happen to my Apex Points?
Any remaining balance on your account that's been purchased from us is kept in its entirety!
Furthermore, all Power-Up Store purchases (excluding vouchers) made after January 23rd, 2022 with Apex Points purchased from us will be fully refunded.

Will you have an open beta?
Yes, we will be holding two beta weekends; a farm and PK one.
April 29th ~ May 1st will be the PK-focused one.
May 6th ~ May 8th will be the farm-focused one.

 Will I need to download a new client to play?
No, once BETA is online you will be able to download a patch through the launcher.
A fully patched, up-to-date client will also be available through the website.

Wow, you've got your progression sorted out already, are these phases final?
The phases provide you with a general guideline on what to expect this server.
While we intend to follow through on the provided timeline, changes will be made as we see fit.
In total, there are 13 phases, the remainder will be disclosed as the server progresses.

What's different compared to before?
A lot! We've spent quite some time reading and re-reading all of your feedback made over the past 7 years.
We've made a separate post on our forums highlighting all significant changes, check it out over here.

I want to play Kurian, can I?
No, you cannot. Kurians will be disabled on this server.

Can I invite my friends to play here?
Yes, you can, and you should - the more the merrier!


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