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Looking For a English clan, Orc side (Maybe Human side>.>) Lvl 80 Warrior


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Hello Everybody,


First a little bit about myeslf,

The names Robert. i am 24 years old, i am from Michigan,USA. i work from 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday (GMT-4) so i am usually on around 6PM to 11-1AM Monday - Thursday, Friday its 6PM to whenever i pass out (usually around 3-4 am xD) and whenever i wake up on the weekends >.> started playing KO around when i was 14 (although i just recently took like a 1-2 year break from it). i've been playing on Private servers as Robert since ver.1098 xD


Okay, now back on topic.

figured it might be time to find myself a nice clan to join since its getting boring just soloing :P


Currently i am a Level 80 Warrior(Skills Unlocked) so far i have done a alright job at gearing myself and am currently working on getting a few more accessories which shouldn't take very long


Looking to do anything (PK,Farm,Exp)


Leave me a message here or PM me in-game. My game is usually on 24/7 whether i am merchanting(At Work/Sleeping) or just playing


almost 82 now


Happy Gaming,

- Robert

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