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Bowl Attendance event [May 1 ~ May 16]


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Dear Apexians,

The Bowl Attendance event is simple, yet very rewarding.

During a 3 hour window during the peak time in any of our 3 major timezones, you will need to be inside the bowl for 1 hour in total.
As long as you're inside the bowl (excluding the hills!), you'll accumulate time (down to the second!) - and once you've reached the 1 hour mark, you'll be granted a Certificate of Attendance.

If you're able to gather 10 of these certificates during the event period, you'll be able to exchange them for the following gift pack:

- 1x Switching Premium (7 days)
- 1x Cospre Helmet certificate (7 days)
- 1x Cospre Armor certificate (7 days)
- 2x Pathos Gloves certificate (7 days)
- 1x Wings of Hellfire Dragon certificate (7 days)
- 1x Offline Merchant coupon (7 days)
- 1x 2000 HP scroll (30 days)
- 1x 350 AC scroll (30 days)
- 1x ATK+ scroll (30 days)
- 1x Speed Potion (30 days)
- 1000x Potion of Soul (30 days)
- 1000x Water of Favors (30 days)

The gift pack may be obtained once per account, through the [Misc. Exchanges] Apexia NPC after the event is over.

Good luck staying in the bowl!
~ The Apex Gaming team

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  • Türk Topluluğu Admin

Sevgili Apex halkı,

Bowl Attendance etkinliği basit ancak çok ödüllendiricidir.

3 ana zaman diliminden herhangi birindeki en yoğun vakitteki 3 saatlik bir süreçte, toplamda 1 saat boyunca bowl içinde bulunmanız gerekecektir.
Bowl'un içinde olduğunuz sürece, zaman biriktireceksiniz ve 1 saate ulaştığınızda, bir adet Certificate of Attendance kazanacaksınız.

Etkinlik süresince bu sertifikalardan 10 tanesini toplayabilirseniz, aşağıdakileri içeren hediye paketi ile takas edebilirsiniz:

- 1x Switching Premium (7 günlük)
- 1x Cospre Helmet certificate (7 günlük)
- 1x Cospre Armor certificate (7 günlük)
- 2x Pathos Gloves certificate (7 günlük)
- 1x Wings of Hellfire Dragon certificate (7 günlük)
- 1x Offline Merchant coupon (7 günlük)
- 1x 2000 HP scroll (30 günlük)
- 1x 350 AC scroll (30 günlük)
- 1x ATK+ scroll (30 günlük)
- 1x Speed Potion (30 günlük)
- 1000x Potion of Soul (30 günlük)
- 1000x Water of Favors (30 günlük)

Bowl'da kalmakta bol şans!
~ Apex Gaming Ekibi

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