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Feedback from one newcomers.


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Hello, i would like to talk about fews things that can be changed for help newcomers.

1- Lets talk about exp.

When you are a newcomers, you can open the gift code and you receive some stuffs with gold premium.

So you are doing your exp to lvl up 83... everything is fine it's not taking so long. 10 out of 10.

But for example. you made your character 83. then let's say 1 week past and you decide to make second character for farm because your main cannot farm solo or need to reskill/restat if you want to farm, but it's coast too much for change everytime as beginner. Yes you can buy premium from PUS but think about people who can't buy it. Don't think selfish as Pay2win please.

Yesterday i made a second character, sad to see gift code not working for second thrid and fourth characters. (Make it work on others characters can be the solution.)

so i find one exp party, we did really good exp, someone had gold premium he went 60 to 80 and i went 60 to 69-70 with the same exp. it's really huge difference. and after 70 it's worst.

Was lucky to get carry by party mage. imagine being solo..

Would be nice from Apex Team to review the exp without premium or allow the gift code for others characters. (You can change it as untradable stuff for not abusing it.)


2- let's talk about starter pack on gift code.

Actually it's a good pack with chitin shell +7 and weapons for an week.

Depending how long you play a day for farm or pk/event. one week is not enought in my opinion. Would be nice from Apex Team to improve something better. (Can be more longer like 2-3weeks.)


3- Starter items from letter.

Would be nice to change that troll armor set and weapons for something better.

can be chitin set +7/+8 with some weapons like mirage dagger, glave +7/+8 etc.. don't forget bp stuff ^^.

so people can still farm with some basic items without being one hit on cz.


4- Farm spot at cz.

Actually for me Beast and Bloody seeker is the best way to make some money at beginning.

You can sell blessed scroll to npc or in merchant. (You won't get stuck by selling items all day long at merchant. Right now merchant is not running so good, there is not much buyer or seller with general items. even EX weapons are hard to sell.)

Bad points, if you are a newcomers and someone with full items come to ks your spot, or even other nation you can't do anythings against that. it's the game true but we need some fairplay for others newcomers. We need more chance on our side to be able to creat an stuffed character and not being dissapointed and alt f4 the game after few days/ weeks.

In cz there is only 2 good spot, one behind humans base and one behind orc base. Why? Because Beast and Blood Seeker are almost near each others so you can double spot.(Best things that can happen to your KO farmer life.)

What could be good for us (New farmers). Every others Beast or Blood Seeker spot on cz, become double spot or make the respawn time more faster like an double spot.

So at least there is not only 2 good spot and it's give more chance to make some money as beginner or even old member.

I know there others monster to farm etc.. but actually it's really not worth to do it due to merchant activity and drop rate.

Others solutions which could be cool, make Cardinal & Hob Goblin worth the same as Beast and blood Seeker.


For now everything's has been said from me, if something miss i will add it later here.

Have nice KO life. Wish you the best.

Thanks for your times and taking times on my post. Tell me on reply what you thinks about it.

If you guys got tips feel free to post it :) .

Best regards.











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