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My Windows Defender found Win32/ Wacatec.B!ml virus in your game files. After extract the files while i'm patching defender automaticly removes the game files and the game doesn't work i did search on internet and this virus like kinda trojan and keylogger steals user data can you explain something about of that ?

Windows defender oyunda virüs buldu ismi Win32/ Wacatec.B!ml otomatik olarak virüsü temizliyor ve oyuna girmiyorum ne olduğunu araştırdım ve kullanıcı verilerini çalma, bilgisayarı yavaşlatmaya yönelik bir virüs olduğu söyleniyor bu patch i düzeltmeniz gerekiyor.

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There may be some false-positives, KO doesn't have a great history with anti-viruses and even the string 'Knight OnLine' can be detected in some av's. I can assure you it's nothing to worry about though.

You can find out how to exclude ApexKO in Windows Defender here. 


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2 hours ago, Haemon said:

This used to happen in another server I played long time ago and it was a false positive back then. I was curious and I submitted this to Microsoft. You can see the result below.


TL;DR It is safe.

Thanks for that! :)

We'll see if we can keep Microsoft up to date on our future patches, however it will require some time before Microsoft can push new definitions and for people to get them so i will still recommend to keep the client excluded from your AV.

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