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New idea for new comers/players and farmers


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I liked the recent patch notes with the medals idea but that helps those who can PVP. Can there be something done with gold coins or silver coins for new players/comers and farmers in colony zone (ronark land)  to inspire more farming for items/ gold coins? maybe even stimulate the economy more in moradon. For instance new mob that drops silver coins or increase the gold coin drop rate.


P.S. what is the increase in drop rate with dc premium? it says 30% increase but it doesn't feel like 30% increase.


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Is very hard to do anything for new comers as it shows in cave worms . Gold coins can drop there goblins gold coins can drop but are owned areas by macro players ..

Adding more area for coin drops just means the macro players will make new accounts and own the areas like all others so new players will be left without again.. All areas that have a half decent drop rate for coin or anything needs attention from GM to log and look at the ones where are there day in and day out force the genie use only  and stop the macro only ppl from owning the game

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