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Getting Better Gear


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First of all, use the newcomer gift package (if you haven't used it yet: 7214-apex-2020-gift-8841) it gives you premium / cospre / etc...

If you don't know how to use it, then you can check it here --> https://forum.apexko.com/topic/10274-apex-forever-claiming-codes/

Then you should go eslant and get lvl 83 on minions (they are easy to kill in solo, and you should hit 83 in a few hours I think).

After that you can go cz and try to farm some money. If you are playing solo, then you should farm:

         -Beast / Blood Seeker(drops bus & bes)

         -Ancient / Treant (drops crap items that can be sold to npc)

         -Cardinal (drops BUS & crap items that can be sold to npc)

         -Bowl mobs for gold coin (I would recommend it only if you are playing sin / archer)

If you have a party to farm with then:

          -Booro / Balrog (drops blood finger / high class weapons & armors, Balrog drops exceptional weapons aswell.)

          -Doom soldier (drops shard / weapon breaker)   <-- this can be farmed in solo aswell but depends on what class you play.

These are for cz, but you will be raided pretty often. (depends on what timezone you will be playing)

If you don't want to get raided then you can farm at EMC / Luferson aswell. (of course the drop rate will be worse than CZ). Here you can farm:

         -Ancient / Treant (same drops as CZ but lower drop rate)

         -Harunga / Garuna (crap items aswell to sell it for npc)


And you can rent items aswell: it costs 2m for 6 hour and you get shell set+7 and +7 weapon (shard / raptor etc...) 

That's all I can think of right now, hope it helped you.

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