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As many of you may know who I am, I want to request I get my VPN Restriction uplifted. I own and use two computers for Apex and I class changed one of my priest on Account ID : (removed) to genie him along with my warrior. After spending $20 USD (and much more to support ApexKO), setting both genies up I noticed genie is restricted to only x1 per IP address. I've never used VPN but, I attempted to use a VPN to see if this would fix my issue. This did end up locking my account where I can't trade, send letters or place items in my clan bank as well as remove them. I need this uplifted ASAP as I am now crippled in game. I uninstalled and will never use VPN again as I was unaware of the outcome here. Why a player cant genie on several accounts under the same network is really silly. I figured more money for Apex but, I'm sure you guys have your reasons so I will not go there.


I am request two things here.


1.) VPN Uplift on account ID : (removed)

2.) A class change scroll as I was unaware of this setup that I couldn't use x2 genie on same network. Please place this class scroll on Character name RollinTheBigCOCK 


 I deleted the VPN and will not use it again as I was unaware of the results. Again, I'm not banned or anything like that but my account is restricted to where I can't do things in game that I need to. 


Please make this right I will eat the KC I lost buying the Genies. That's not a big deal.




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I suggest you start off with reading the rules, it seems a lot of your issues could've been avoided if you were up-to-date on them.
Here's the link for your convenience: 

I'll lift the VPN restrictions (as VPNs themselves aren't the issue, what they're used for is the issue - and it's done a great job in this instance) on the account, and that's it.

Any unused PUS items can be refunded through the support page, anything else is non-refundable.

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