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Bowl Farming About / Bowl Farm Hakkında


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Hello, i am writing on behalf of TEMPORARY who has just joined the game. I am sure you will consider our suggestions. There is no other place in Ronark Land where we can set up a farm other than Cardinal, Beast and Treant. These are one-person places. As a team, we cannot do anything but war. Please listen to us. Garden or other place, place a monster that can drop silver gold at low rate. It can be considered in something else. But we are tired of this vicious circle.

Play Fair & Have Fun.

@twostars @Aesteris @Sierra
Merhaba, oyuna yeni başlayan ekip TEMPORARY adına yazıyorum. Önerilerimizi dikkate alacağınızdan eminim. CZ'de cardinal, beast ve treantten başka farm yapabileceğimiz bir yer yok. Bunlar da tek kişilik yerler. Clan olarak PK'dan başka bir şey yapamıyoruz. Bahçeye (Bowl)'a ya da başka bir yere düşük oranla silver bar düşürebileceğimiz bir canavar ekleyin. Başka bir şeyde düşünülebilir. 

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You can farm booro / balrog in cz as a team. They can drop blood finger (jamadar) which can be sold for good price, and they drop shells / high class weapons (balrog drops exceptional weapons) aswell. Or doom soldier can be an other option for solo/duo (it drops shard / weapon breaker (jamadar)).

You should check out the 29/01/2021 patch notes for more info, but here is the drop related stuff from the patch if you don't want to check:

Drop related:

     - Weapon Breakers now drop from Doom Soldiers in Ronark Land as an additional drop.

     - Blood Fingers now drop from Booro and Balrog in Ronark Land as an additional drop.

     - Belt of Quickness and Necklace of Quickness have been added as additional drops to Dulian, Jersey, and Query.

     - Old Belt of Quickness and Old Necklace of Quickness have been added as drops to Monster Stone bosses.

     - Using Genie in Ronark Land will now negatively affect your drop rates.

          - Manual farming is still boosted by 33%

     - Newly implemented party sized based drop boosts (for manual farming ONLY)

          -Drop rates will now scale UP with the size of your party for the following monsters in Ronark Land:

               - Titan

               - Booro

               - Balrog

               - Falcon

               - Apostle of Flame

               - Apostle of Piercing Cold

     - This means it is ALWAYS beneficial to add someone to your party if you're hunting these monsters now.

     - AFK Party members and party members using Genie are excluded for the purposes of this boost.

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