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Chaos event.


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Thing is, the event as it stands now is getting more and more useless  (Had 1-2 chaos recently where EVERYBODY beside me went afk in my room. Was quite funny but at the same time kinda sad that i had to run around alone for 10 minutes):


-Why is that?    


1.:   The reward is kinda crap.  The Exp is good, however you can go with your main char only once a day (it might ll be changed since there is that option for getting chaos map with War prem, but it doesn't work since server opening) so if you went to the event once, it's pointless to go anymore // sooner or later people will hit the max lvl (i already did) so they won't rly need the exp from it too (same for wings since they can't be stored or traded so going with side char for wings is pointless + most of the people got better wings anyway than the ones you can get at chaos, so they don't bother going for the wings).    


(You can say that BDW doesn't rly have better reward aswell, however 1.: You can go to all the BDWs with your main char, 2.: There are PKs, sometimes even more interesting than the CZ ones and you can gain 1-2000 NPs at the better BDWs    3.: Winning 100 BDW achivement gives rly good stats --->90 bonus DEF, while winning 100 chaos [which is harder since you gotta win it on your own so if you are a bad player, your party can't win it for you] gives like 6 str + 2 health bonus or smth like that which maybe isn't that bad for warriors / kurians [Tho they'd most likely choose the 90 DEF for winning 100 BDW or the 100 DEF for winning 150 Juraid too] but utterly useless for anybody else)


2.: And this is the more important one, atm everybody (aside from some "afk protection" which i don't rly know how does that exactly work, but appearently if you are not AFK during the whole thing and do like 10 kills [which everybody easily can achieve thanks to the 1 hit bonus skills from the boxes] you are good to go for getting everything)  gets exactly the same rewards regardless of your places, kill amount or anything.


For ex (both people lvl 80):   Be 1st with 80 kills (in the same room, with only 6 people in total) or 5-6th with ~15 kills, doesn't matter, you will end up getting :   1x Blue Chest, 1x voucher of chaos, 1x wing material, 149.000.000 exp in both cases. -------------> makes it absolutely worthless to finish in a good place.  ----> alot of people just go in, kill few, then afk and max comes back in the end again for 1-2 mins.



-How could it be fixed:


1.:  Give the 1st, 2nd, 3rd places different rewards than the rest is getting.  Let's say if you keep the current system (every1 getting 1x blue chest, wing, full exp, etc), then atleast give like 4-5x Blue chest to the 1st place,  3-4x to the 2nd place and 2-3x to the 3rd placed dude.   (Or 1x silvery gem to the winner, red gem to the 2nd placed guy, yellow to the 3rd, or whatever, smth like that)



2.: The 1st point would make the event more attractive and active already, but you could even tweak the exp you get (staying at lvl 80, where the exp u get now is 149m) making a maximum and minimum amount you can get, then how much exactly you are getting is up to your kill count.   [The exp you got was depending on kills at the official too]


Like:   everybody (at lvl 80) gets ~90m exp (which is rly good too), even with only 1-2-3 kills.  Then after each 10th kill you get 10m more exp (or each kill = +1m exp) -----> You will need 60 kills to get the maximum amount of exp.


3.:  Make the "win 100x chaos event" achievement similar to 100 BDW (=90 bonus DEF) ///// 150 Juraid (=100 bonus DEF) achievements -----> For example 95 Bonus DEF for winning 100 Chaos Event.



-Or you can do anything else, just make sure to achieve the following results  (if some1 doesn't wanna read the whole topic with suggestions included, enough to read this part): 


- Make the reward more attractive (1x blue chest which is ~9m isn't rly making people shit their pants and waste 20+ mins for the event)


- If you play well and finish in a good position, you should get better rewards than the guys, doing worse than you and ending up in bad positions.  (Atm as stated above, everybody getting the same rewards regardless of places or kills)

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lol u get that from winning 100 bdw's or 150  juraid's so putting similar thing on chaos wont hurt at all



This, you get that from 2 other type of event already so that ll be there either chaos gives that or not too.  But it's kinda silly for anybody except warriors to get like 6 str achivement for winning freaking 100 chaos, while winning 100 BDW gives 90 DEF.  (And winning 100 BDW is kinda easier considering you can go only to 1 chaos a day with the same char, but 4x BDW as well as your BDW party can still win it for you if you are suxy, but at chaos you are fucked then [same for Juraid which gives even more def, tho you gotta win 150 there, but still.. Chaos achivement reward compared to both is just silly])




PS.: The achivement system is retarded in general (and should be revamped), some1 must've been really high while creating it at USKO.   


It doesn't rly make sense at all, the 100-100-150 chaos / bdw / juraid example shows it fine already but there are things like:


-Kill 500 enemy users:   +10 AP + 20 DEF

-Kill 1000 enemy users:   +13 AP + 1 DEF   ,  GG ha? :D    And could list plenty of weird achivement rewards like this yet.

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So chaos, so battle again:  (there was 1 more dude, who quitted like 6 mins after the start).  Please do smth to make winning / competing worth smth, with this shitty, placement doesn't matter, you get the same rewards anyway sooner or later every chaos event ll be like this1....



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So chaos, so battle again:  (there was 1 more dude, who quitted like 6 mins after the start).  Please do smth to make winning / competing worth smth, with this shitty, placement doesn't matter, you get the same rewards anyway sooner or later every chaos event ll be like this1....



Nope, i only recived voucher of chaos, they either changed it already or the reward requires more kills. Anyways its weird that there were only few of us while above 30 people wanted to get in. It's kinda boring when theres like 2-3 people playing, it turns into "who attack 1st from stealth wins".

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