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You answer every topic for mele players  We are opening topics for weeks, we are making videos, you have no reaction  server a mage player will not come because of users who do not know how to play delete all jobs, everyone be warrior I hope you are a warrior player too It's ridiculous to call 700 damages normal ( Archer And LR MAGE NO CASTING FAILED ) / WARRIOR ALL SKİLL CASTING FAILED SKILL / you do not consider new users aesteris new mage players 0 fr 0 lbol 0 ep 0 lkp damage 500 will hit and she'll see these checkers and leave the game what are you trying to do Is the mage without 9 months problem now problematic? prioritize mele players only nice aesteris   @Aesteris 
the warrior has a lot of damage But we never said that it hits too much Why do they say hitting for mages so much

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