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Collection races its still bad set up !


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all the idea of collection race its bad set up :

CR exp: people its as always keep over abusing it by  just relogin on side character as much they can to over profit drops to sell, which is leterary fine to be honest but when the CR are so faking easy like this there u go that people just rather relog and keep doing them . i dont even wanna talk about the fact that most players like to join 8 people before get out their base because its smthing impossible pretend people to play as short party when theres not skillls to do it so nvm.

-so to end all CR there should be request kill a mob from bowl such a riote or atross. special on weekends CR,  to bring more activity on PK during that time.

-there should me a limit ammount for each nation to end CR, need to be active to finish any quest like that myb people will stop joining with 4 or 5 pcs to end CR.(example 50 humans and 50 orcs only can do CR)

CR PVP: theres not player vs players CR since it has been made on apexko, instead you should call it PLAYER VS GENIE!! simple because most of people just rather to go raid with full party short party instead to try some challenge or at least try to ks big partys.

-if u kill a GENIE during CR pvp, it should not count as kill for it. ( people could over profit it by clicking last time genie before they die?, well just give 30 second delay after they press on start genie or more drastic just disable genie on CR PVP.

-change the logic of PVP, give 1 kill count by DEAD and give 2 kill count by kill basic, but increase the required total by KILLs not like 25 kills or 50 kills, there should be at least 80 kills . special on weekends. this will at least people stop cry and runing always and at least try to challenge people. 

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