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That guy called YIGIT, xrus. to most of you sounds a friendly guy , good tp mage always looking for INFOS to log in etc. he just stole items from 3 accounts from my clan , we still trying to figure out how he obtain all pw and ids since but the point its he scam alot of KC GB and items to the follow players :

habibirush, RalphLaure and Jewishangel

please guys if u have contact with that guy XRUS, YIGIT, dont share ur ACCOUNT or give him any assist from ur clan banks , be carefull. im trying to warn as more people i can.

Admis already take care to him, big thanks to them and for their quick reply.

im already contacting most of sellers GB website on turkey to warn that guy scaming players just to obtain easy money on his life, real sad to see some people take fun of every1 special of those who spend months for farm.

please contact ur friends and warn them too, lets make apexko a safe zone for players as usual. 

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