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Make Blue/Red potion from PK chest exchangeable. (if possible)


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As the title says, and the reason for that is simple:

- I believe that most Rogue / Warrior players prefer Red potion while Mage / Priest players prefers Blue potion. These potions account bounded anyway, so it would be good if we could exchange them in 1:1 or even in 2:1 or 3:1 ratio for the opposite potion (Just to be clear I mean 1x10 blue potion for 1x10 red potion or 2x10 red potion for 1x10 blue potion, etc.) so both Blue / Red potion will keep the value to every class. Note that I'm talking about only PK chest.

Right now for example, as a mage player myself Red potion is useless for me, so I had to trash them out a few times.

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