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CONT recovery issue (According to 9 December patch note)


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According to the patch note of 9th December:

CONT recovery scrolls used at the NPC will now only restore NP from recently left clans.

This is primarily to cut back on reports from players using this scroll preemptively at the NPC before leaving a clan. Previously, it would count the typically negligible NP when leaving old clans, which is evidently not important enough to warrant restoring at the time. This means that it would consume the scroll for this NP, instead of - ideally - failing when there's nothing to restore, preventing players from wasting their scroll.

Just a reminder: the NPC is intended to be used as a fallback only. The intended, official, way to use this scroll is to simply keep it in your inventory when you leave the clan. You will get a full refund with it present. If, for some reason you don't have one then (or were kicked), you can then use the NPC to recover it after you've left a clan.


I spent my KC for CONT recovery PUS item and now it does not work and it says that I have not spent any CONT for my recent left clans.  please help me or give my KC back :) thanks.

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Logs show you left the clan back on the 5th of October, so almost 3 months ago at this point. That does not qualify as "recent", so this behaviour is not a bug.

Having said that, since you have issues with Javascript not being enabled in Internet Explorer, I've initiated the refund request for you manually, so it should kick off when you log back in.

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