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Anyone tried out new exp rates?


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AOC was better than Booro before, Booro gave more exp (less than 2x more)  however only 5 at the spot and being kinda strong, people couldn't even take on all the 5 with an average party while they could easily take all the 10 AOC so AOC >>>Booro in the past, however now it is different it seems (tho didn't check it with an actual full party) if anybody tries some of the mobs with a full party, would appreciate the results.

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well lol, so this new event (jump event) didn't help at all actually lol xD


all you get is lvl 75, before u could get that aswell on aoc parties etc, now aoc parties just suck and you gotta do some other mobs to even get some % out of it....

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