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Yea this is quite annoying to be honest.
There's also other occasions where the ip adresses are conflicted...

For instance:

Genie error, only 1 per ip can use genie.

Event error, only 1 per ip can enter events.

Bonus codes error, only 1 per ip can use the bonus codes.


Y'all need to fix this!

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I had an old router laying around that i plugged in after i used the code on 1 account.

That gave me a new ip adress and i could use the code on a different account.


In your case i really dont know how to solve it.

I guess if you got wifi on your pc, you will get 1 new ip per pc and you could try using that instead but its not reliable.

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These restrictions are in place to protect against abuse, I strongly advise against attempting to circumvent them.
Rather, exceptions for special circumstances can be made - you can send Aesteris a PM for more information about that.

As far as the codes go though, they're intended to be used once per person -- not account.

Genie restrictions are a little more lax so that's rarely an issue anymore, but you can definitely PM Aesteris about creating an exception for event access.

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