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Current Server Problems !


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Current server problems.

1. Mage Damage is way too high. Staffs for 1.1k on full gear priests, Nova's for 1.6k damage and Pillars for 1.8 - 1.9k Damage.
2. Mage Stunrate is way too high. Every nova atleast 2-3 people getting stunned.
3. Mage Aoe Blind is way to strong against melees because warriors got now a targetable aoe skill which means whenever a melee pt get's blinded you cannot aoe on the mages and you will die without even attacking them.
4. Mages won't die to warrior aoe even when the warriors use it perfectly on torment without subside because they have clickable aoe which won't make warrior aoe go on the same place.
5. Ressistances are still not fixed i received on 45 FR 800 damage and on 177 FR 815 damage. From a mage staff without absolute power & spell increase scroll.
6. Every CSW the owner of the castle is a mage clan because it can wipe out 3 melee pts with 1 nova because the range is abnormal.
7. Another problem is that all the turk mage clans are playing servers with 2k users and a Power Up Store with 0,50$ cospre prices which means ApexKO is gonna die slowly now because all melee clans have no chance aganist the 2 mage clans that are in the server right now and will never ever win CSW.

Besides all the mage problems we will start now with 8.

8. Sins need to get jamadars because there is many iron belts, skeleton belts, iron necklces in the server atm.
9. Warrior needs their old aoe back.

Conclusion: The mage class in ApexKO is 10 times stronger then the mage class in Usko and in every other english private server and myko server. There are some turk mage servers where mages are also this strong but there is a reason playerbase in there is 99,9% mage. And the melees on those servers are people that checkout the server.

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