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reduce the weight on


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reduce the weight on Stix and  Blessing Potion in Sundries  For Rouge.

Stix  25.00 weight for 1x

Blessing Potion 15.00 weight for 1x

Not Everyone Can Get Magic Bags  or Premium Potions and the rest of the classes  have better weight 

Rouge you can hold  a few mp and hp pots  and scrolls  once u do that you cant get  stix or  blessing potions  well not many maybe 1 each if your lucky. 


thank you. Built4CZ  /  MortalCombat

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2 hours ago, BroOk said:

Yes so PUS items for free too?

Lmao such a bad idea myb go farm fre hours treants buy some kc and use prem pots so u can carry more cures,

Pretending everything easy cuz u lazy not good idea imo

i did get premium pots last night because of it lol  there is like a 1 min cool down on stix  what more do people want lol

and this is just a idea  what people afraid  archers might take over lol   everything else in sundries  doesn't weight that much  and call me lazy it was not more for me but for the rouge class and new people  ect  u can only  hold 100 and 120 pots  on rouge  and still not much for cures  ect   rouge class misses out lol hey idc my main is a priest  so   and i got preium pots now too lol good to see  u still like to be a pain in my backside on every post lol  you make me want to spam kill you in CZ lol i will if i get a  chance lol 

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