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BDW and Krowas


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In order for bdw to actually work and keep people from leaving early would be to balance the bdw rooms and spread out the classes evenly to create balance.

This is doable but is very timeconsuming to do and takes some programming knowledge, however its just basic math and you could also improve the code by making it so that it checks individual players gear or/and stats to create even more detailed balance. 

I think the devs knows how to make improvements, however it is very timeconsuming and who knows what they are getting paid...

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It already balances classes, problem is there's not enough priests most of the time. As for gear, it's been on our mind for a while now to normalize the gear for everyone in there regardless of what they have equipped, that's a change that has yet to happen though.

As for Krowaz, that won't be released for a while to come, and although some event participation may well be one of the requirements to manufacture them, it won't be the main one.

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